Free Printable Darth Vader Stencils, Templates and Silhouettes

Darth Vader is an icon of the Star Wars legacy. Of course, he deserves to be stenciled, so that is what I did. I created several printable Darth Vader stencils, Fee free to use these stencils for your crafts as long as you don’t use it commercially.

Darth Vader Mask Printable Stencils

I started with a few Vader Helmet stencils and tried to be creative so they won’t be all the same. I even tried one with a tribal print and made a true hipster out of Darth. Of course, the classic Darth Vader helmet stencils are also included.

Darth Vader Printable Stencils

Once you start creating, the creation process becomes a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun coming up with these stencils, I just hope I did not overdo it. But I had to try and let Darth Vader sign karaoke and enjoy a beer in a bar.

Darth Vader Templates and Silhouettes

To conclude a few Darth Vader silhouettes and templates, you can always invert the images and create white Vaders, although that must look strange. If you enjoyed my free stencils and silhouettes of Darth Vader, please let me know in the comments.

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