12 Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils For Halloween

Free printable Pumpkin picture stencils. Print these free images of Pumpkins in 12 stencil styles. A selection of artistic Pumpkin images to print and use for anything you like. You can use these pumpkin stencils for coloring with your children on the rainy days to come. Or you can use it for scrap-booking or for making illustrations on any kind of object.

Pumpkin themed picture stencils.

Preview and print these stencils below. It’s Free

These Pumpkin / Jack o lantern stencils can be used for many activities for kids, scrap-booking, for walls, coloring, etc

Available in 12 different designs and styles which you can choose and print from below. 

Printable Pumpkin stencil templates measure 800 x 800 pixels each. 

No of Printable Pumpkin stencils: 12

12 Free Pumpkin Stencils in Printable Format

To download and print: 1. Place mouse over image  2. Right click  3. Select Save Image As 

Evil looking  Jack Lantern Pumpkin stencil
1. Angry looking pumpkin Halloween stencil
2. Person with pumpkin on head stencil
3. Pumpkin stencil with full moon and witch on the background
4. Pumpkin stencil pattern for halloween
5. Big pumpkin head on a fence

6. printable Pumpkin stencil with cartoon candle on top
7. Evil looking pumpkin head stencil
8. friendly looking pumpkin printable
9. Pumpkin stencil with bats
10. simple friendly looking pumpkin carved head
11. Evil looking pumpkin carved head with other fruit/apples
12. Friendly printable pumpkin stencil on the ground surrounded with autumn leaves