10 Free Printable Bat Stencils And Silhouettes

If you like printable bat picture stencils then you surely are gonna like these. If you scroll down below you will find all the bat stencils you can see above and even a few extra. We offer them for free so you can just download them and start using them.

You can use the printable bat patterns for many occasions like scrapbooking, woodworking, and of course spray paint.

You will probably want to use these goodies for Halloween but don’t feel bad if you want to use them sooner. I just loved to print and paint pictures of animals or use them in my drawings as a kid. I just hope you guys are more talented.

Printable Bat Stencils for Pumpkins

You can also use these bat templates to decorate your pumpkins during Halloween. To start using these for carving pumpkins you need to print these silhouettes on paper. After you printed them you need to carve the pieces you WANT to see.

You don’t want to know how many people make this mistake and cut out the wrong part of the pattern.

Luckily you can use these patterns over an over again, just make sure to first cut them out properly before you start using them on the pumpkin

Printing Instructions Free Printable Bat Pumpkin Stencils

1. Each stencil is give or take 800 x 800 pixels or bigger. They are easy to resize if you want them a little bit bigger or smaller with the settings of your printer

2. To download them hoover with your mouse button over the image of the one you want to download

3. Select “save image as” and you are good to go. Remember the name of the stencil carefully or rename it cause sometimes they are hard to find if you have a lot of images on your computer

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10 Free Printable Bat Stencil Templates

Bat stencil #1
#1 Bat Stencil
Bat template #2
#2 Bat template almost looks like Batman
Cute bad stencil
#3 Cute big eared Bat silhouette
Bat silhouette stencil
#4 This bat silhouette is very easy to cut and spray paint
Flying bat template pattern
#5 This bat is already a bit more difficult to cut out
Haunted house with bats stencil
#6 This one will look very nice carved on a pumpkin if you have the skills
Scary house with bats pattern for stenciling and pumpkin carving
#7 This one is my favorite, I love the scary house in combination with the bats
pumpkin carving bat pattern
#8 This is an oldie from this website Still looks very good carved on a pumpkin
simple bat stencil for spray painting of pumpkin carving
#9 Free printable bat stencil and easy to use for spray painting or woodworking
multiple bat on 1 stencil
#10 Multiple bats on 1 stencil

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