Free Stylish Border Stencils/Templates to Print

Stylish Border stencils to print. Print free border stencils in various sizes. Themed stencil borders ( Ornamental, Calligraphic, Floral and Decorative ) in stencil outlines to print.

We have added a variety of borders in stencil format.

Click on your desired border style category below to view all border stencils in printable format.

These border stencils are available for free download and printing.

Printable stencil templates for borders measure from 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 600 pixels each. 

No of Printable border categories: 4 ( Ornamental, Calligraphic, Floral and Decorative )

Border Stencils in Printable Format

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28 Printable Calligraphic Border
19 Printable Decorative Border
11 Printable Floral Border
6 Printable Ornamental Border