29 Free Printable Chewbacca Stencils, Silhouettes and Templates

Chewbacca is probably the most popular character of Star Wars, who doesn’t love his “terrifying” Rowl. It was sometimes difficult to make the right stencils out of Chewie. I played around with some different topics like cartoon, real life, guns and of course Chewbacca wearing a suit, straight out of Pulp Fiction.

Enjoy these free printable Chewbacca stencils and silhouettes.

Printable Chewbacca Stencils

Chewie wearing sunglasses? Or chewie holding a gun he uses to shoot stormtroopers? These Chewbacca stencils are all here, feel free to use and download them.

Printable Chewbacca Face Stencils

Printable Chewbacca stencils wearing a suit

I couldn’t make these series without some stencils of Chewbacca wearing a suit. I had more, but I hold back and only posted these 3.

Printable Chewbacca Silhouette

These are probably one of my favorite printable stencils I made this far. I just love the cartoon, cute style and how they turned out. These Chewbacca silhouettes are for you to get crafty with.

Printable Chewbacca Templates

Printable Chewbacca Stencils Cartoon Style

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