55 Free Printable Butterfly Stencils, Silhouettes and Templates

Butterflies are the perfect animals/insects for making stencils. I absolutely love doing it. I tried to be creative with these printable butterfly stencils.

I created Geometrical butterfly stencils, mandala butterfly stencils, and some simple ones, silhouettes and also some butterfly template designs that will work great as a tattoo (inspiration). Let me know in the comments if you like them.

Printable Geometrical Butterfly Stencils

Butterflies are geometrical by themselves, but I tried to add features that will add a little extra.

Printable Mandala Butterfly Stencils

These are the more complex butterfly stencils as I combined them with mandala wings. This creates beautiful patterns, but a lot of work if you want to use it for woodburning or Cricut.

Printable Simple Butterfly Stencils

I call them simple, but I already love these butterfly stencil designs. They are easy to cut out and use for any craft.

Printable Butterfly Silhouettes

2 different butterfly silhouettes for you to use.

Printable Butterfly Stencils with Dots

I love how these turned out. Dots go natural on butterflies.

Printable Butterfly Stencils with Stripes

Printable Butterfly Stencils Perfect for Tattoos

If you are looking for some inspiration for a butterfly tattoo, these designs might be something for you.

18 Free Butterfly Stencils and Outlines For painting

If you want to use butterfly templates for painting or coloring, these are perfect. They are very simple to cut out and use for painting on your walls or scrapbooking. They also work as coloring pages for kids and adults alike.

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