Free Printable owl Stencil

2 Free owl stencils to print. Print our owl designs sitting on a branch. With and without moon backdrop. Suitable for stencil related projects during Halloween and kids colouring.

These owl picture stencil designs are available with and without a moon backdrop. The owl is sitting on a tree branch. Please see preview below.

These graphics are excellent for kids activities, crafts and special projects where you need to use owl pictures as a stencil outline format.

Print instructions for owl stencils.

Printable stencil templates measure 800 x 800 pixels each.

No of Printable owl stencils: 2

Owl stencils in Printable Format – Choose from 2 designs.

To download and print: 1. Place mouse over image 2. Right click 3. Select Save Image As

( You may also click the links below the owl images and print the owl stencil in the new window )

Printable owl stencil 1


Printable Owl
Stencil 1

Printable owl stencil 2


Printable Owl
Stencil 2

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