31 Free Printable Yoda Stencils and Silhouettes

As part of my star wars stencils series Master Yoda could not be left behind. He is very easy to make great stencils so I stopped making them after 50 or so stencils. I finally trimmed them down to 32 printable yoda stencils and silhouettes.

Printable Yoda Stencils

I started with some Yoda stencils in various positions than I tried a few fun ones with sunglasses and Yoda holding up his thumbs. You are free to use these Yoda stencils as long as it is for personal use and not commercial use.

Printable Yoda Silhouettes

I never knew that Yoda actually looks like a Gremlin when you make a silhouette out of him. Maybe ill reuse these Yoda silhouettes when I start making stencils of Gremlins.

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