Free Printable Rhino Stencils, Outlines and Silhouettes

I added some nice rhino stencils to this page, I really like the rhino charging a car and I also like the rhino with sunglasses. Which one is your favorite rhino stencil or silhouette?

You are free to use these stencils for personal use. Please don’t use them for commercial purposes.

Printable Rhino Stencils

Printable Rhino Silhouettes

Rhino Head Stencils

Printable Rhino Outlines

If you are looking for an outline of a rhino for working with pumpkins or other crafts, than these 8 rhino outlines should do the trick.

To download and print: 1. Place mouse over image 2. Right click 3. Select Save Image As

( You may also click the links below the rhinoceros images and print the rhinoceros stencil in the new window )

Printable rhinoceros stencil 1


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 1

Printable rhinoceros stencil 2


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 2

Printable rhinoceros stencil 3


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 3

Printable rhinoceros stencil 4


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 4

Printable rhinoceros stencil 5


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 5

Printable rhinoceros stencil 6


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 6

Printable rhinoceros stencil 7


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 7

Printable rhinoceros stencil 8


Printable Rhinoceros
Outline 8


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