Free Printable Mushroom Stencils In Many Varieties

Who doesn’t love mushrooms? That’s why I created these free and printable mushroom stencils for you to enjoy. I started with a few simple mushroom stencils that you can use for pumpkin carving, wood, Cricut, or anything else that’s crafty.

I hope you enjoy these mushroom stencil designs, please let me know in the comments if you like them or if you would like something different. I’m always open to suggestions.

You are free to use these stencils for personal use. Please don’t use them for commercial purposes.

Simple Mushroom Stencil Designs

I started with a few simple printable mushroom stencils. These are better suited for carving pumpkins or beginning woodburning. If you want something more complex, scroll down :).

Cute Mushroom Stencils

My son absolutely loves these cute mushroom stencils and I hope you do too.

Trippy Mushroom Stencils

Someone requested some Trippy, hallucinating mushroom designs so I went to work. I tried to make simple ones and more complex ones. I enjoyed making them, I hope you will like them too.

Mushroom Home and Castle Stencils

Who doesn’t want to live in a mushroom home or castle? I really enjoyed creating this one as it brings back my youth while watching leprecaun animations.

Magic Mushroom Stencils

If you have ever tried magic mushrooms you know what their magic is.

Hallucinating Mushroom Stencils

I believe this hallucinating mushroom stencil turned out quite well. I like it how it looks like a road in the forest that becomes a mushroom.

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