Free Alphabet Stencils in Printable Cut Out Format. Download Large Painting Stencil Templates to Print

Our website offers Free Printable Stencils for Pictures, People, Alphabet Letters and Numbers

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Free Printable StencilsWe list printable stencils in mostly graphic jpg format. Alphabets and number stencils available in pdf for free download. 

Free stencil templates which can be downloaded from our website to print and cut out have many uses for them such as t-shirts, sewing and embroidery, scrap booking, for paintings and drawings, for walls, posters, and almost anything else that you can think of!

To download any of the stencils, simply click on the stencil template preview image and save it to your computer, or print it out online. Most of the stencils are nice and large, and will print out on a full sheet of A4 paper.

Check out some design stencil patterns for kids with baby styles themes, stars, block letters and bubble letters which are great for children's bedrooms, kindergarten use, etc.

See most popular Letter Stencils  |  Popular Number Stencils  |  Decorative Border Stencils 

Seasonal holiday stencils for Christmas, Halloween themes with pumpkins and more which are all free to print.

Our Free large Alphabet letter stencils come in a great selection of themes that include cursive script stencils.

Check out all our stencil below.  We also have assorted stencil sizes which you can choose to print in 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch measurement formats for alphabets and numbers.

Number Stencils

All Number Stencils2 Inch Number Stencils | 3 Inch Number Stencils | 4 Inch Number Stencils | 5 Inch Number Stencils | 6 Inch Number Stencils

Alphabet Letter Stencils

2 Inch Letter Stencils | 3 Inch Letter Stencils | 4 Inch Letter Stencils | 5 Inch Letter Stencils | 6 Inch Letter Stencils

Airbrush Stencils | Autumn Alphabet Stencils | Big Letter Stencils || Bubble Alphabet Stencils | Cursive Alphabet Stencils | Graffiti Stencils | Greek Letter Stencils | Old English Stencils

Border Stencils

Border Stencils to Print | Calligraphic Border Stencils | Decorative Border Stencils | Floral Border Stencils | Ornamental Border Stencils

Animal Stencils

Animals Stencils | Bat Stencils | Bird Stencils | Bird Stencils 2 | Butterfly Stencils | Dinosaur Stencils | Dog Stencils | Dolphin Stencil | Dragon Stencils | Duck Stencils | Horse Stencils

More Stencils to Print

Christmas Stencils | Halloween Stencils | Rose Flower Stencils | Damask Design Stencils | Angel Stencils | Baby Picture Stencils | Beach Theme Stencils | Birthday Stencils | Cake Stencils | Car Stencils | Children Stencils | Christmas Ornament Stencils | Cross Stencils | Easter Stencils | Flower Stencils | Food Stencils | Geometric Stencils | Heart Stencils.

Printable stencils are being added in many new themes. Please check the menu on the right, or use the search function to find the stencils you are looking for.

Are you looking for stencil fonts to install for Mac and Windows? Check out some cool Stencil Fonts which lists some of the most popular stencils.


Owl Stencil Printable Designs

Printable owl stencils 2 Free owl stencils to print. Print our owl designs sitting on a branch. With and without moon backdrop. Suitable for stencil related projects during halloween and kids coloring.

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Elephant Stencil Printable Designs

Printable elephant stencils 4 Free elephant stencils to print. Print our 4 elephant designs in assorted poses. Suitable for stencil related projects and kids coloring.

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Star Stencil Printable Designs

Printable star stencils 12 Free printable star stencils in assorted designs. Distorted, western, circled, glittering stars and many more to choose from. Print our latest designs of various stars. Use these star stencil design graphics for your school arts and crafts projects.

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Printable Cat Stencil Designs

12 Free printable cat stencils. Print our latest cat stencils in various...

Printable Leaf Stencil Designs

12 Free printable leaf stencils in shaped frames. Print our latest 3 leaf...

Star Stencil Printable Designs

12 Free printable star stencils in assorted designs. Distorted, western,...

Elephant Stencil Printable Designs

4 Free elephant stencils to print. Print our 4 elephant designs in assorted...